This and That: The Texas Edition

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(He’s watching.)

Normally on Fridays, I summarize my week and share a few things that caught my attention.  And while I did have a few articles I planned to share, they quickly lost their appeal when my fellow Texans made their voices heard loud and clear at the Capitol Tuesday night, led by Senator Wendy Davis, clad in pink tennis shoes.  I never planned for Texas politics to take over my blog this week, but that is where my thoughts have been, so it is only natural that my writing reflects that.

I keep saying it, but I am so filled with pride for the women of Texas, and my heart is literally bursting with emotion.  This moment has been a long time coming, a long, long time, and it is far from over.  I hope you’ll continue to follow these events within my state as they will play out over the next weeks and months, and hopefully, they will inspire something in you, too.

Today, I’m featuring a few noteworthy articles about the week’s events.

Our Governor’s thoughts on Senator Davis, and her response.  It’s clear he harbors no friendly feelings of bipartisanship, and I encourage you to remember that if he decides to run for President again.

Our Lieutenant Governor’s thoughts.  Dewhurst is also President of the Texas Senate and featured heavily in Davis’ filibuster Tuesday.

“We are her.  She is us.  Let her speak.”

A first-person account of the events Tuesday evening.

A new instrumental song in honor of Senator Davis.

And, if you’re in the market for a new pair of pink tennis shoes, you might check out these reviews.

Thank you for sticking it out as I express my political opinions.  I’m hoping to return to lighter things next week, as much as possible.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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