Green Cotton for Garnet Hill

Walking with Cake: Garnet Hill's Ruched Surplice Tank Pajamas

(My new pajamas from Garnet Hill.)

I tend to wear my pajamas until they fall apart, quite literally, and in the past, I would just grab a few pairs on clearance at Kohl’s or Target.  Now that I’m making an effort to know exactly where my clothing comes from, it’s harder to find pajamas that are ethically made.  I never expected this small journey of understanding to be easy, and I’m doing my research before buying anything these days.

I’ve always been a fan of Garnet Hill, and I own quite a few of their comfortable tees in various styles.  Most of those tops, however, are “imported,” which doesn’t really say much about their origins.  But Garnet Hill is a company that features clothing by different manufacturers, and they are working to become socially responsible in many ways.  Green Cotton is a line of organic cotton clothing carried by Garnet Hill, and they make several different pajama styles.  I’ll confess that I’ve always wanted to try a pair of Garnet Hill’s pajamas, since they are known for both their comfort and style.

So, I dug a little deeper and found that Green Cotton is owned by a Danish company called Novotex, which is known internationally as a leading producer of organic cotton products.  They are committed to the highest standards of environmentally-friendly manufacturing, and their code of conduct provides for proper working conditions for their employees.  They are working to create ethical products, too, which impressed me.

I decided to buy Green Cotton’s Ruched Surplice Tank Pajamas from Garnet Hill, and they are very well-made and comfortable.  I chose the coral pair, which is really more of a light, peachy-pink, and while the top does have a tie, it isn’t uncomfortable to sleep in.  The pants are full-length, and I usually prefer the capri style, especially in warmer weather, but they are light-weight and will be fine in my air-conditioned house.  The surplice top is loose and comfortable, but not too revealing, and could actually work as a nursing top (for my pregnant friends who might be reading this).  Overall, I’m really happy with my pajama purchase, and as soon as these wear out, I’ll buy another pair.

Maybe by then, ethically-made pajamas will be a bit easier to come by.

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