Style USA: Alabama Chanin

Walking with Cake: Alabama Chanin detail

(Beautiful hand stitching on an Alabama Chanin piece.)

I recently heard this story about organic cotton and the new “field-to-garment” movement, and after doing a bit of research, soon fell in love with the work of Alabama Chanin.  An established designer, Natalie Chanin moved back to her hometown of Florence, Alabama, once a major hub in the garment industry, and began working with local seamstresses to create a line of clothing and goods made from locally-grown, organic cotton. It’s a beautiful story that really comes full circle, and the pieces themselves are absolutely exquisite.

Walking with Cake: Alabama Chanin Francis Dress

(The Francis Dress by Alabama Chanin.)

Alabama Chanin’s main collection is truly art, and was inspired by photographs of southern families from the 1930s and 1940s.  Each piece is made-to-order and hand sewn, and the detailing is beautiful.  Chanin’s company is a mainstay in the slow clothing movement, and each piece is literally one of a kind.  There are several other lines with more affordable, machine-sewn options, though all of the products reflect the company’s focus on sustainability.

Walking with Cake: Alabama Chanin pieces

(Gorgeous pieces from Alabama Chanin.)

I’m incredibly impressed with Alabama Chanin and I only wish I’d discovered the line sooner.  New pieces are debuting Tuesday, and if you’d like to see more, be sure to peruse the lookbook and watch this short video, too.

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