What Was I Thinking?

Photographing my fashion adventures is giving me a thicker skin and letting me laugh at myself a little (or a lot).  It’s a fun experience, and I thought I’d share this HUGE styling disaster with you, just for laughs.

While Ryan was grocery shopping with the boys Sunday evening, I attempted a photo shoot in the last bit of sunlight that was left.  Normally, Ryan helps me set up our make-shift tripod and then graciously leaves the room so I can pose freely with our camera’s remote and timer.  But this time, I felt confident enough that I could do it all by myself, so I sent him on his way.  Big mistake!  I had to resort to boxes of Kleenex to prop up the camera to the right height, and once that was precariously set up, I quickly changed into the outfit I wanted to photograph.

The light was fading, I was running back and forth between the shots and the “tripod” a lot, and I realized that the pieces, which worked together so effortlessly in my mind, totally looked like a costume in front of the camera.  Not to mention that my angle was completely off.

(Are you dizzy yet?)

I paired a gray skirt and blouse, both from Garnet Hill, with my new gray pumps from Ruche (seen here in burgundy), and for fun, I also put on a pair of fuschia tights.  To be fair, I love the colored tights trend, and I thought a bit of pink on my legs would brighten things up.  Instead, I just look like a muppet.  While I love the skirt and blouse separately and they would work well together with some simple flats, this look is a total failure.  And so are the pictures and the lighting.

But that comes with the territory, and in the interest of blog realness (notice I’m not using the ubiquitous A-word), I don’t feel embarrassed showing you.  Well, not much.  Because it gets worse.

(Seriously, what the heck?)

And here are the shoes, which are incredibly cute and incredibly uncomfortable, and will not work with those tights at all.  Never ever.

(Just focus on the shoes.)

I, Catherine, do solemnly swear, from here on out, only to wear gray and black tights with these shoes.  I also know now that those cute lacy socks from Victorian Trading Company will look ridiculous on me, too.  I am a grown woman and I should dress in a respectable manner.  What the heck was I thinking?

But my hair looks really good in those photos, I think, and that definitely counts for something!

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